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About us


Rudr.net is an online article directory and website directory for expert publishers and professional webmasters. rudr.net strives turn into a leader in the world of Article Directory and website directory by providing the best Search Engines Optimized directory. rudr.net support you to developing your own alternative article directory and challenge you to build a quality web resource for your website. Create your free account  and send unlimited unique articles with direct backlink to your sites for $9 each.

rudr.net is the largest article directory to submit article, reprint article and read articles. rudr.net aim to present as many free and unique articles on the widest variety of topics possible. Asrog Everythings is The fastest, smartest way to launch and manage your content driven alternative web resource, What is your Alternative Article Directory?

Alternative Article Directory
Your alternative Article Directory is the mainly innovative state of the article submission solution you need to launch a high quality professional content driven web resource in the express period of time.

How can you benefit from investing in your alternative article marketing?

Submit your site information to the best website directory.
Submit article to powerful and search engine optimized article directory.
Publish articles, news, and important information about your site or company FAST and EASY.
Support an UNLIMITED NUMBER of content publishing.
One article back link per content.
Boost your search engine ranking.
Create two types of content. Your alternative Articles Directory allows you to display any or all of the following on your alternative article directory: Complete website information with dedicated web page and your scholarly articles. WOW!!!
Author content on all popular browsers. Your alternative Articles Directory’s WYSIWYG editor works with all web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari and Opera.
Share your unique knowledge and experience and your unique articles with the world. Promote yourself, your products or services and become recognized as an expert in your field.
Look through our article journal for the greatest, free article and most up to date information available anywhere, on a range of different categories, such as health articles and business articles. using our powerful search. Subscribe to your preferred category by using our syndicated RSS feed, and keep up to date about your favorite company/Site.

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